Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shameless advertisement...

Hey everyone!
I am using my blog as a shameless advertisement space. We have bicycle issues at our house. We have lost 4 bicycles from our yard to theft and one bicycle from a neighbor's driveway to theft. Poor Caleb...he can't keep a bike he likes because people steal them from our yard. It's pretty pathetic. Anyway, we have discovered a way to keep the bikes safe, although it's not fun or convenient for any of us. So here's the deal:

We have 2 really nice bikes that we've been able to keep safe. The chopper was a Christmas gift for Caleb about 3 years's a great bike and he does like it, but it's more for pleasure riding than the kind of rough riding that our active 9 year old wants to do. It's rarely been ridden...maybe 10 times in 3 years. The Schwinn Falcon is a really nice 20" bike that was kindly "traded" for one we had earlier (the thief left this one when he/she took the last one that was stolen). We saw the Schwinn in Target the other day...exactly like the one we have and it was selling for $100. We'd like to sell them both for $125. Please look at the pictures and leave a comment if you're interested. We are willing to negotiate.
The beautiful Stingray

The nice "traded" Falcon

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pools, Castles, and sunny days

We are really busy here, trying hard to enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer! We've been to the pool a lot. I'll try to get pictures of the kids at the pool and post if I can. Then yesterday we ended up spending the day at home and Caleb got motivated to complete a 3-D puzzle that has been sitting in his room for about a year. I do have some pictures of that...he worked on it all day it's beautiful!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Burnin' up the road

Hey everybody!  I'm sorry I've been AWOL for so long...things are really hopping in the Madden house.  I know you remember I took a class at Winthrop.  Well, I've finished that class (not without lots of swearing at the computer and griping about an online portfolio that will remain unnamed!)  The last week of my class C spent the week with his grandfather, while S went with my mom to visit my grandmother.  We (Greg and I) went to pick up C on July 3 and stayed for the July 4 fireworks there.  We were home for about 5 days when C and I went to Anderson to meet S (who had been dropped off with my dad on her way back up from my grandmother's) and get fabric for a rocking chair I want to have recovered.  We came back from Anderson on Saturday evening because I had computer at church on Sunday, then loaded up the car with me and both kids and drove to Atlanta to visit my bestie from college, Alisa.

Alisa has two children, C and D, and her two and my two are THOROUGHLY enjoying playing together, while I'm thoroughly enjoying hanging out with Alisa and Paul.  We miss Greg, though!

When we get back home I will be finishing up laundry and getting C ready to go to his first ever week long camp.  He's excited and I'm excited for him!  He goes Sunday and while he's gone I am going to try (AGAIN) to get my stuff moved from RRMS to STMS.  It's taking me a lot longer than I hoped but it's so hot in my room at RRMS that I don't feel like I can spend hours up there.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a quick update.  Maybe I can post some pictures of us all soon! Hope everyone around is having a great summer!