Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun tag!

Becky tagged me in this game. The instructions are to add the first thing that comes to mind when you read the starter.

*I am not ready for Christmas yet!
*I want Sarah to not give me a hard time about what to wear every day.
*I have absolutely everything I need.
*I miss my grandfather.
*I fear that something terrible will happen to one of my children.
*I hear Christmas music.
*I search for stuff I've misplaced in my house!
*I wonder if my children will grow up and marry and have their own families.
*I regret gaining so much weight.
*I love being a wife, mom, and teacher.
*I forgive my brother for ruining Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny for me in one feld swoop...but I still remember that he did it!
*I ache for a full body massage.
*I always save my favorite item on my plate to eat last.
*I try to be proactive.
*I seem bossy and self-assured, but I'm really just impulsive.
*I know a lot about middle school kids.
*I feel like I'll never get caught up on the dang laundry.
*I dance with my children, in the kitchen while we laugh.
*I dream about being debt free and being able to help others who truly need help.
*I give my students money if they need it for lunch.
*I listen to all kinds of music.
*I sing a lot! Even make talking into music.
*I laugh at Asheid, CJ, Caleb, Sarah, Greg, BJ, Kelly, and lots of others!
*I can't stand mopping.
*I cry when I get really angry and I hate that about myself.
*I sleep like a dang ROCK.
*I am relieved to be finished with school.
*I see a messy house.
*I need to take my laundry to the laundry mat and have someone come clean the rest of my house while I'm there!
*I should start going to the gym again.

I tag you girl and hope you don't hate me for tagging you! :)

I also wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Door

If you ever wondered how great of a job I have, let me give you a hint. I have one of the best teammates EVAR! This morning when I got to my classroom, this was on my door:

This TOTALLY made my day! She put little stars on the right end of the poster that have comments on them like...

*You did it!

*You finished!

*You are no longer a graduate student!

*You make more money now!

*You rock my face off!

*You can put all that on your business card!

*You are now a Master's Degree Holder!

*Whoa! WOW!

Who has the best job??? I do! I do!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


So I don't even have a clue how long it's been since I updated this blog! But it's time.

I am still loving teaching. My team went on a field trip yesterday to Camp Thunderbird, where the counselors taught us about the soil, aquatic life and cultures. It rained ALL day and there was only one part of the day where we were inside. But the kids had a blast and we (the teachers) did too. I LOVE getting to be away from school with my's way more relaxed and they get to really be themselves. It's amazing how well they always behave when we're away from school, especially considering that they often are NOT well behaved at school. I really enjoyed yesterday!

The other really big news is that, unless I really screwed up my exam, I will be graduating from Winthrop next Thursday, December 18. I will graduate with a Masters in Middle Level Math. I'm waiting to change my email signature until after graduation so that it will be official, but I get to put M.Ed. by my name! I'm a little excited about it if you can't tell.