Monday, October 27, 2008

I walked!

Well, the Avon Breast Cancer Walk was this past weekend in Charlotte. I raised the $1800 and walked with my four teammates. It was so great! We had sore feet and tired legs pretty quickly, but wow, what a weekend. There were over 1300 people who walked this weekend, and together we raised 2.8 million dollars for breast cancer research. One lady who walked this weekend has walked 98 Avon Walks. She has single-handedly raised over $1 million for breast cancer research. She has also walked over 5000 miles. Can you believe that??? I'm whining about 32 and she's trucked over 5000. WOW!

I did go to work today and will still be going tomorrow...moving around at work helps with the stiffness. My students helped me raise the money, so they were pretty excited about what I did this weekend! I love my students!

I'll be posting some photos of the walk soon...visit again soon.


Kim Eckhardt said...

You walked AND you blogged! Great all around weekend, I'd say. ;) Way to go! :) :) :)

ginny said...

Good for you!! I know you are proud to have walked that far and to benefit such a great cause.

Sarah said...


Becky Fowler said...

Congrats on the race! I hope y'all have a Happy Halloween!