Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am sitting in the comfort of my house enjoying watching a light snow fall. It's so beautiful...check out the photos at the end of this post. The kids went out first thing this morning, making snow angels and trying to throw snowballs at each other. The snow is so powdery that we can't get it to stick together.

The other amazing thing about today is that I am watching Barack Obama's inauguration on T.V. My dad and step-mom are IN Washington, D.C. with my step-sister. I got a text from my dad about an hour ago...he's roughly 100 feet from the Washington monument, watching the festivities on jumbotron. I wonder if they are planning to go to the South Carolina Inaugural Ball??? They haven't said...maybe I'll get another text!

Isn't this amazing? I am so proud to be an American today. The simple fact that our country has elected an African American is amazing. We are definitely blessed.

Enjoy your snow day!

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Becky Fowler said...

Haha, We did go to a SC ball, but it was on Monday night before the inauguration. There are pics on WYFF 4's website that we sent to them that they showed on air yesterday!

It's been a fun week in DC, for sure.

I can't believe y'all got snow though! We haven't had any of that yet this year. Looks like you enjoyed the day off!