Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is what my classroom door looks like now.

My friend Kim hasn't yet explained to me how to make an image so that you can click on it and enlarge it (not that I've asked her...), so here's a close up of the Stop Sign.

And in case you still can't read the sign (because I'm not great at taking photos) it says this:


Do not even consider

stepping in this door

without your materials!!!

Thank you,

The Management

In the last week I have issued 24, YES, TWENTY FOUR...and if you're having trouble comprehending that number, count all your fingers, both thumbs, all your toes and four more fingers...After School Detentions for students coming to my class unprepared. What that means is that T-W-E-N-T-Y F-O-U-R times during the last week a student has interrupted my teaching to say they left something in their locker, at home, or just can't find it.

Do you think the sign will help?

1 comment:

Kim Eckhardt said...

Ha. I just upload the picture. I have no idea how it does it. It's internet magic. ;) Maybe it's something in my settings. I'll have to look.

And, sadly, Shane would be one of those kids who will get detention because he wouldn't bring his materials with him. He sucks. ;)