Friday, July 29, 2011

It's that time of year again...

Well folks, here we are again...only about a week away from getting back into the swing of school. I spent the last day and a half planning a curriculum for my sixth grade GT students. I have to say that the ladies I worked with were very resourceful and extremely helpful and I really feel as though our curriculum is going to be SO MUCH BETTER this year! Not to mention that our Executive Director of Secondary Education Gifted and Talented (Grades 6-12), Mrs. M was very open and accepting of suggestions we made as the "experts" who have been teaching this for the last two years.

Most years I am very ready to go back to school...I get excited about meeting a new group of students and look forward to seeing my friends (teachers) who I don't get to see during the summer. I enjoy working with all these professionals and really love getting ideas from others. In years when I'm not so excited about going back to school, attending meetings like the ones I just did get me in the mood. I begin reconnecting with old friends, and often make new ones. And we have collegial conversations that are priceless. So, although I intend to thoroughly enjoy my last week (lots of time at the pool with my kiddos) I am ready to get back in the grind! :)

Happy back to school, everyone!


Amanda said...

Good Luck. It sounds like you've prepared for a fabulous year. More teachers need to be as excited as you. Happy teaching!

adam kevin said...

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