Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I mean...for REAL!?!?!?!

Tell me the truth...after you read this, isn't it obviously apparent that we have only six weeks left of school?

1) The kid I teach who has to blow his nose at least one time each class period...the one who sounds like Gonzo when he blows the little horn at the end of the "Muppet Show" introduction...yeah...that one. He has been stepping out into the hall at 9:20 and again at 10:30 for 158 days now (would be 159 but he was sick one day and stayed home) and blowing his nose. Seriously, I don't know how he avoids blowing a little bit of brain tissue out because he blows harder and louder than anyone I know (yes, Alisa, even louder than you!). Anyway, after 158 days of this occurrence, I have another teacher on my hall come to me YESTERDAY and say "Please tell him to go to the bathroom when he blows his nose. It's disturbing my classes." Is it ok that I found this remark incredibly funny and somewhat annoying at the same time? Honestly, is it necessary to blow one's nose so hard that a teacher 2 classrooms down the hall complains, and is it necessary to complain now about something that has happened for 158 of the last 159 days?

2) Sarah has been sick lately and we have to see a specialist. The only appt. I could get is tomorrow, so I will be out all day. Last week when she was sick and I stayed home with her, my students acted AWFUL, so I have been writing substitute plans all day today, while the students are taking an open book test that I spent way too long making out (mainly because it covers 2 chapters and I have to start getting some grades in the book). While I'm pouring over these plans, making sure they have more work than they could ever finish in even a week, one of my dear, precious, lovely young ladies walks up and here's the conversation:

Her: I have a question. Don't this word right here in number 22, whether, don't it s'poseda have a A in it?

Me: Huh?

Her: Dis word right here...whether...don't it sposeda have a A in it?

Me: No. It's the word whether, not weather.

Her: But it sposeda have a A in it.

Me: No it's not. It's not the word weather. It's whether.

Her: I don't git it.


Her: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH....I git it. Thanks Miss. ( Madden attached!)

I need summer...or a tall glass of something fruity and a back rub!


Alisa said...

You are so freaking funny! And yes, it IS necessary to blow that loud. You tell that kid he's totally me anyway! I love him already.
I miss you like crazy and love this blog. Why didn't you send it to me before. Now, I'm going to be checking it constantly. I love you woman and I miss you like crazy. I'm going to donate to your walk, I just wanna see if your crazy ass will make it all the way!
I love you!!
Alisa (the 2nd loudest nose blower in your life!)

Alisa said...

And by the way, you have got to send everyone to

it's awesome!!!

Kim Eckhardt said...

ROTFLMAO. That's funny stuff. Maybe that student is blowing his nose because he wants to amuse you. LOL. Wit. LOL. Miss. LOL.