Monday, April 27, 2009

My Story (Part 2)

I left teaching music to stay home and raise my boy. What a wonderful adventure this would be...but we ended up not being able to afford to live on one salary, so I went back to teaching music. I got an offer to teach Chorus at at large middle school in Rock Hill. I cried every night the two weeks before school knowing FOR SURE that middle schoolers were going to EAT ME ALIVE!

Sure enough, some major changes happened with elective classes the year I began teaching middle school and my classes were HUGE! I had 60 eighth grade students in one class and 60 eighth grade students in another class. Many of them didn't sign up for chorus, so their behavior was ridiculous. Anyway...that's a whole other story/post.

The important thing is that during that first year, I really fell in love with some middle school students and began to LOVE teaching this age group. I stayed at my school for three years, teaching chorus and general music. Then I found out I was expecting baby number 2.

This time I was going to stay home and make it work!!! That idea lasted for a very few months. I couldn't handle being at home all day every day with two babies...just needed adult interaction too badly, so I took a part time job at my church. I stayed in that job for two years, at which time I left (working at) the church to go work for a local real estate broker. Just working part time...doing odds and ends. A little bookkeeping, a little PR, a little errand running, etc. Well, guess what...I QUICKLY learned to D-E-T-E-S-T that job. I was miserable...more miserable than I think I had ever been in a job. There were so many reasons I was miserable, and I will not go into all of them, but please know that I'm not kidding I was miserable.

This point in my life/career is when God really got ahold of my heart and began working a miracle. I began to feel like I NEEDED, not wanted, but NEEDED to get back into the school district as a teacher. And although I love music and singing I really didn't care if I taught music or not. I have a certifcation in elementary education so I am a little more marketable than someone with just a music certification. God was working, not just in my heart, but in the hearts of others who would be instrumental in my getting back into education. This is where the story gets very interesting!


Shannon Pickens said...

I loved reading your story.

Becky said...

You've left us hanging for waaaay too long! What happens next? :)