Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Story (Part 3 and the most recent story is still being written!)

When I last posted I told you that my story got very interesting! It did...I was working in an office part time, which I also told you I detested! Well, God started talking to me. He told me that He had a plan for my life and it involved teaching. He even started asking me nagging little questions like "If you HAVE to work for your family's financial peace, why are you working out of the field you trained in? Didn't I take you where you went in college for a reason? Don't you believe that I know what's best for you? " I knew that God was telling me it was time for me to go back into teaching public school. I filled out an online application and went for my pre-screening interview.

Mrs. C called a couple of days later to say that I had done well in my interview and she would be calling me soon to set up interviews at schools. The really amazing thing is that by the time all this was done and I was able to go on interviews, school had already begun for that year. It was September of 2005. I waited for Mrs. C to call and set up interviews. One morning while I was out of the house she called and said "Robin, there are two interviews I'd like you to go is an elementary teacher position at B Elementary. The other one is a long term sub position at CH Middle School, and it's a chorus position. Call me back as soon as you can." I called and was quickly ready to go on these interviews the next day. Before I left the next morning Mrs. C called again and explained that the middle school I taught music in before Sarah was born was about to begin interviews for two teaching positions in 8th grade. She wanted to know if I'd be interested in those interviews as well. Of course I was, so we set that interview up for the next day.

Have you ever actually HEARD God speak to you, or FELT Him guide you with his hands on your shoulders? That's what happened. God turned my shoulders in every direction He wanted me to go...He was sitting with me in every interview, told me what to say, spoke to me quietly and peacefully at the end of each interview. He said things like "This is not the job for you, but you need the experience of this interview." Or "You did great there...let's wait for a call." After the interview for the long term sub position I got home and there was a voicemail message from the principal, offering me the job. I did not return her call immediately because I was going to the interview for the 8th grade teachers at RR Middle School the next day.

I went to the interview and things went well. I waited...impatiently! Finally the next day I got the call offering me the full time position as an 8th grade math and language arts teacher at RR Middle School. I accepted, then called the other long term sub school to explain. I started on Caleb's birthday in was a great day all around.

My first group of students in the 8th grade came to my classroom in October 2005. I was really nervous about teaching math, but as it turned out, it became my favorite thing to teach. I loved it! It was in April of 2006 that God led me to WU to pursue a Master's degree in Middle Level education. I graduated in December of 2008 with a Master's in Middle Level Math. I have been teaching math in middle school since 2005, and have just begun my 5th year there. Imagine that...after teaching music for 7 years, I'm a happy math teacher!

God has turned my "ho-hum" life into an amazing story. It may not seem that way when you read about it, but to live have a career where you were relatively unhappy for so long and then have God physically lead you to the place where you are extremely happy...that is an amazing story! Now I can't wait to get to school every day! I work on school stuff pretty much all the time. I have a true love for my students and my subject and really know that I am working where God wants me and I will make a difference for someone!

So there's the most recent part of my story. Remember, it's still being written! Hope you've enjoyed it and I'm sorry it's been so long! :)

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Becky said...

YAY! So glad you're back! Loved reading your story. I hope I get to the point that I love my job as much as you!