Saturday, October 17, 2009

Illness...How are people your way?

Our school has been HIT with illness. I don't mean a little tiny thump, or even a slap in the face. I mean a full on right/left...punch in the stomach, or kidney, or wherever it hurts the most. In one week I had five students (out of my 95) who were out for an entire week. Some of them had H1N1, but not all...some of them had a really nasty stomach virus that lasted for 48-72 hours. One of my teammates was out for four of the last five days, and other teachers are out sick too. I'm trying so hard to avoid getting sick (frequent and thorough hand washing, keeping covered when I sneeze or cough, and as awful as this sounds, asking students to keep their distance, especially if they have symptoms of illness). I'm trying to keep my own family well too, encouraging them to do all the same things.

How are folks where you live? Are you experiencing lots of illness in your area? Work, family, friends? Praying everyone stays well!

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Becky said...

Our Pediatricians are telling us how bad things are! The H1N1 vaccine cannot get here fast enough, and in most places, is just too late! And you know about my friend that was hospitalized last week for menengitus. Just some really nasty germs out there.

Between our horrible, cold (hights in the 40's) and rainy weather and a conference of 12,000 doctors (who carry around all of those germs), I'm convinced I'm going to be sick any minute now.