Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Concert of Hope and Remembrance...

Sometime back in the summer, the Cancer Association of Anderson decided they would remember my brother, Randy, at the Annual Concert of Hope and Remembrance. My dad is the director of the choir and orchestra. The Concert of Hope and Remembrance is a fund raiser for the Cancer Association of Anderson. They usually remember someone who has passed away due to cancer, but this year they blessed our "family system!" The concert was amazing...the music was outstanding and I got the impression that there was standing room only in the church sanctuary where the concert was held.

There were over 130 people singing in the choir.

My Dad was amazing at the concert! It's like watching a puppet master...he moves his pinky and people make beautiful music! I love this picture of him!

The music choice was Patriotic Music of America, and Music from other Countries too.

My sister, Becky, gave an extremely moving and very appropriate memorial speech about Randy. I wish that I had a recording of it to link here, but she has it posted on her blog. Please check it out at http://gritsandgossip.blogspot.com.

Randy would have been mortified that all this hoopla was made over him...but we enjoyed it and we got to miss him publicly. Great!


Kim Eckhardt said...

That's a GREAT picture of your dad. And what a great way to remember your brother. :)

ugas said...

Your Dad is really amazing. It would be interesting to hear this concert

Becky said...

I love your pictures! It really was a special night.