Saturday, February 2, 2008

100 days

Yesterday was the 100th day of school for us here in Rock Hill. I know this, not because I am counting, but because in kindegarten, being able to count to 100 is a BIG DEAL and I have a daughter in kindegarten. We sewed 3 buttons and hot glued 97 buttons onto a tshirt for her to wear as her 100th day project. So...that means 80 days left until summer break. It doesn't seem like June will be here that quickly, but then again, I didn't think we'd be getting ready for Valentine's Day this quickly either, back on Aug. 11. :)

Things seem to be settling down for me just a tad...I've come up with a plausible idea for my Action Research project for my Ed. Psych. class and I've figured a way to keep up with all the reading for both of my classes. The next big hurdle is finding the time to finish my distance learning course in time to get approved for the next distance learning course.

For anyone out there who may read this and has been wondering about my super smart student, here's a brief update:

His mother finally came in for a conference and both of us were able to lay some things on the table that we felt needed to be said. Basically I believe that this student doesn't like me, which doesn't hurt my feelings...I don't expect my students to like me because then I would be assuming that I'm perfect and we all know I'm not. But the student's mom was able to tell me a few things about why he doesn't like me, some of which I can and will work to change (his perception based on my actions) and I was able to express to her how much I truly need her support at home. So then the guidance counselor spoke with him and he admitted he'd been, for lack of a better word, bullying me with his comments. He also said that he'd stop doing it because he knew what he was doing...the guidance counselor explained that I was willing to change some of my behaviors but this adjustment wasn't going to be one-sided. For the last three days, this child has been a tremendous asset to my class! He is working hard to maintain a level of respect. And I have prayed about this situation every day! Thank God for holding us all through this situation. It's not over...we still have 80 days together (tee hee) but things are looking better! Thanks for the encouragement I received from a couple of you who have commented.

I still love my job and am thankful for the ability to go in and do what I love to do each day of the week!!! Truly looking forward to the next 80 days!

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Patti said...

I'm glad to hear that the situation is improving for you. Support from home is vital. I will continue to pray that the next "80 days" go as smoothly as the last few. :)