Friday, February 8, 2008

Fishy Fishy

So Greg gave me the aquarium I gave him back in the day. He helped me set it up in my classroom last year sometime after Christmas. So I am not very good at keeping it up so it's gotten COVERED with algae. I took everything out last week with the exception of about half the rocks, the water, and the fish. We went to Fintastic tonight and got a couple of live plants and I'm going to get a few more fish tomorrow and we're going back to the school to work on the tank. I want to get all the algae out and make it pretty again, so we're going to work on it. I hope Greg will teach me how to take care of the tank...his version of teaching and my version of teaching are totally different.

Hope everyone out there is doing great and has a great weekend.


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greg.madden said...

Hope I taught you something about your tank!