Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The cat.... now out of the bag, so I can write more about it. I interviewed for a job teaching 7th grade math at another middle school in Rock Hill and got the job. I will be teaching on a four person team beginning next school year...7th grade (my favorite) math. Not a huge change from what I teach now but I won't be teaching science. It's still in the same district, so I will still see the same people from time to time. I've never taught anywhere other than RRMS since I came to Rock Hill, so I'm kind of sad to leave "home" but change is good. And God opened the door for me to go here...I don't think it's a good idea to say no to God! :)

Can't wait to learn more about STMS and write about it here.


Kim Eckhardt said...

Woo-hoo. New jobs are kewl. Congrats. And, I'm duly impressed that your a math teacher. I'm totally at my max with Shane's math homework! For real. Fortunately, he's very strong in math (is in 3rd g doing 6/7 grade math) so we're safe for a while. If I have an issue, I'll be scanning his homework and forwarding it to you for help. Seriously. ;)

Teacher in the middle said...

Sounds good, but Caleb (3rd grade too) is doing the same stuff I'm teaching my kids at school. I love math! I taught music for 7.5 years (go figure, huh?). But when I came back from my 3 years with Sarah I taught Pre-Algebra and fell in love with it. Forward on my friend.