Thursday, May 22, 2008

Leave the man alone!!!!

This blog is devoted to issues I feel strongly about. Tonight's post is no exception. Periodically I have commented on Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth Lawrenson...I have been following their story for several months and I believe that two or three posts ago I mentioned that they are all home together. If you'd like to read this miraculous story you can click here to go to Nate's blog. Now on to my point...

Nate Lawrenson has so openly shared his family's story, giving God glory all the while. Today he posted a sweet story about what a fantastic role model Steven Curtis Chapman has been for him throughout his life. The Chapman family is suffering tremendous grief after one of their adopted children was accidently run over and killed by one of their biological children. Nate mentioned, just as I did, the word "adopted." Would you believe that he received an email from someone who was offended? Nate then went back, blogged an apology for offending.

What is wrong with us??? Why...WHY would anyone feel as though they need to email, or even comment if they were offended by his post? Throughout the whole time I've followed their story, Nate has demonstrated love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control. He has exhibited, in copious amounts, each of the fruits of the spirit. Nate has, more than once, felt that he had to defend his posts on HIS blog! It is not anyone's blog but Nate's and he has every right to share, or not share, what HE chooses.

So think....if you read Nate's blog and you don't like what he's said, scream into your pillow or write it on your own blog, or better yet, share whatever your issue is with God and ask him to clear it all up in your mind. But for Pete's sake, leave Nathan Lawrenson alone.

There's MY gripe on MY blog!

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