Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Classes begin!!!

Graduate classes started again this week, so it's back to the crazy schedule...who can pick up the kids? What can my hubby make for supper? Do I go straight home if I get out early or do I go to the computer lab and get some work done? It's all a big mystery. But God manages to make sure that I am able to get it all done and still have some time for my family.

Tonight in my class, we learned about using the reading that is necessary for our students in our subject area to enhance their learning. It really got me thinking...I always say that I want my students to see the value in what they learn. I also want them to see that I find value in EVERY THING I teach, today when we were talking about adding and subtracting rational numbers with decimals, did they see that I found value in the topic? I seriously doubt it! I have got to do better about showing my enthusiasm for my subject, because I really do love it!!!

I hope all of you in the blogosphere are doing well and prospering! It's a very cold night here in SC (at least by our standards) and the forecasters are calling for a wintry mix. Be careful and stay warm!!!

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