Friday, January 25, 2008

One more down

Whew! What a week! Although we were off on Monday, the week seemed really long. As one of my students put it today..."Like, I thought, like, Friday would never actually, like, get here! This was really, like, a short, like, week, but it just, like, seemed, to go on for, like, EVER!" That's exactly how I felt but I believe I could've said it using half as many words!

I don't know who might be reading this, so you may think I'm crazy for saying this but it is really cold here this week. It was 28 degrees today at lunch. That is very abnormal for this part of the country, even during winter months.

I have a student who's natural IQ is probably much higher than mine, but given the fact that I'm 24 years older than him I know a little more than he does. So he has begun to attempt to intimidate me with words and with his knowledge of the material. He is very loud in class and actually quite arrogant. My problem is do I continue to demonstrate my caring for this child (because he's really just a child) while handling his disrespectful attitude? I am turning to God for guidance here, because being accepting of whatever this child has going on in his head does not come naturally to me. It, in fact, goes against everything in my being to accept any part of behavior like this from someone who is young enough to be my own child.

Please join me in praying that God will give me the wisdom to deal with this youngster's behavior, while preserving his and my dignity!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Patty said...

Sigh, if you figure this one out, share the wealth! I in the past have just ignored the behavior, but there are times when it can't be done.

Patti said...

I bounced to your blog from Nate's blog. I just want to say "YOU ROCK" for taking the time to analyze and pray about this situation in this manner. As the mother of a 16yo son with ADHD and high intelligence, I've run into many teachers that will try to humiliate and belittle him to "put him in his place". I don't have any answers for you, other than to maybe take him aside privately and discuss this situation. Perhaps you can ask him for suggestions on extra assignments that can help him feel more challenged. I know for my son if he has an inkling that his "intelligence" will bring more "responsiblity" he will back off pretty fast.

I will pray for you in this journey. :)