Saturday, January 19, 2008

Crazy weather

Less than a week ago we set a record high temp. in our area of the country. Today, it's snowing again! Talk about some weird weather...

My mother and step-dad came over this morning and got C and S. They are all going to a rodeo show in Ga. so they were off on a long ride! We sent the portable dvd players and several movies for each child...of course the boy took videos from The Discovery Channel and the girl took all her movies about the Disney Princesses. Anway, Greg and I are taking advantage of being child-free tonight and going to dinner together.

We (the kids and I) have a school holiday on Monday. I'm really glad, because, although I love my job, I need just a day or so break. I need to use the time to revive, reflect, and refocus.

Have a blessed weekend!!!

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