Friday, January 11, 2008


I won't lie and say that I am sorry I have 2 days in a row when I'm not at school. Especially after weeks like this was tough! There are times when my own children need me way more than my students and this is one of those times.

My step-sister is getting married in August and Sarah is the flower girl. Ashley is going to have another fitting for her gown tomorrow and wants to take Sarah with her...Sarah is going to LOVE that. Caleb will love it too because he will have Greg and I all to himself. He is such a sweet kid and is so patient with all of us in our busy-ness.

Greg has been reading The Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman. He said to me tonight that we can apply what we're reading in the book to our children. Caleb's love language is definitely "quality time." Greg went into Caleb's room last night, laid on his bed and asked him what he did at school. Caleb started talking and went on for at least 25 minutes. He loved his dad just hanging out with him, so he will enjoy tomorrow. We will enjoy tomorrow precious as that girl is, she is also very high maintenance!!!

So I will do some cleaning, go to Sam's and get a few things we need, and take my boy with me. I will love having him all to myself.

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