Thursday, January 10, 2008

My job

I feel better today. I feel a lot better today! God is relieving my body of the fatigue that's been plaguing me. I am so glad! My students are glad too! They were quiet as church mice when they came in this morning...afraid I would go nuts on them again.

Yesterday after school we had a meeting with our superintendent. My first thought about this is...I've been teaching in this district for six years, total, and this is the first time I remember a superintendent taking the time to come and talk to just our faculty. It said a lot to me. My second thought is this...Dr. Moody is a student's advocate. I get the feeling she wants to advocate for teachers too, but her main job, as is everyone's who is in this business, is to be sure that the students who attend are getting the very best teaching they can get. It will be hard work for her to marry those two advocate positions unless she is able to continually find people (teachers) who are student advocates as well.

I really liked what she had to say! I am an advocate for my students...I build relationships with them, so that they know I care about them. I have been blessed to work with a teammate who feels the same in that regard, although our methods are polar opposites. She's tough, like REALLY tough! I am not that tough...I try to be, but my personality ruptures my tough side and it's kinda pathetic. My teammate is all about kids learning important things, like how to write well and speak well. She ABSOLUTELY prepares them for 8th grade...many of the skills students learn with her follow them through life. I make sure they learn what I'm supposed to teach them, but I love to be creative and even more than that I love to have fun. We are so opposite, that even the students who drive me crazy don't bother my teammate and vice versa. I tell teammates reads stories...I teammate classroom is very could hear a pin drop in her room. But the kids all know we both care for them and that is the MOST important thing!

One thing Dr. Moody said was that we should be encouraging our students to become teachers. I ABSOLUTELY agree with that! I love my job! I love it so much that I can't wait to get here every day. My dad says "When you find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life." He's right because this does not feel like work to me. It feels like fun...and I get to share it with 57 kids EVERY DAY!

Now, here's the really personal part for me...does my love of teaching mesh with my love of God? Do my students know that as much as I care for them, I care for God more? Do they know...can they see through me that God loves them more than ANYONE???? I doubt it, but I want to show them that every day! Even when I am able to be tough with them, I am trying to allow God's light to shine in me and let them see how much He loves them all.

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