Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pray without ceasing

As many of you who have looked at this blog know, I am praying for the Lawrenson family in North Carolina. They are all doing well, to this point, which I'm very thankful for!

Praying for them has made me aware of how awful I am at praying without ceasing, like we're commanded to do in the Bible. This has really hit home with me this week. My precious son is having some trouble sleeping and seems a little down lately. I really get kinda freaky when my children aren't ok and so I've really been bothered by this. I was reading Nate's blog this morning, and realized that when I think of Caleb, I think about him, and often worry about him. I rarely pray for him. Isn't that sad??? All these people could be helping me pray for my own children, and I can't even remember to do it.

Thank you, God, for using every day occurrences to remind me how much I need you and need to talk to you. I also ask that you will protect my precious boy's mind and heart. Please help him to unburden himself of the thoughts that are plaguing him!


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