Tuesday, January 8, 2008


For the last three years, one or both of my children gets sick just before Christmas. It's been really awful. This year (and probably for the previous years, but I don't remember) I eventually got sick too. I have had a serious case of bronchitis and more scary than that is that I completely lost my voice for several days. I'm a singer. I whispered to my husband the other day "If I completely lost my voice for the rest of my life, I would be devastated!" I was scared. In the midst of this I was conversing with a really good friend who reminded me that people who can laugh have it best. How perfect is that? I was laughing while I was talking to her...I got home with no voice and laughed because my children are hilarious. I came back to the school for a meeting last night and we laughed during the meeting. When I picked up the kids from mom, we all got tickled at Woody and laughed. Do I have it great or what?

This morning I am feeling better and my voice is coming back. I think it's because I laugh so much. As Christina put it..."Even if I'm having a HORRIBLE day, I know that before I go to bed something is going to make me laugh, and everything is going to be fine!" God obviously has a sense of humor because we are created in His image and we laugh. I'm so glad that's who my God is...serious, funny, loving, caring, merciful, healing, powerful, jealous...and much more.

So what's your funny? Where is your humor, and how do you find God in those hilarious moments?

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