Monday, January 21, 2008

You REALLY want advice from me?????

One of my dear friends who has been a stay-at-home mom for something like 9 years. She wants to get a job in the school district so that she can still be at home with her girls during summers. There is a new middle school opening here in Rock Hill at the beginning of next school year and they will need all those administrative people. So my friend asked for advice on dealing with middle schoolers. I have learned a ton of information on middle schoolers in the last year or so, but do I really know enough to give good advice? I did give her some info. and hope that it was "good" info.

How do you know when what you know is really worth knowing and sharing? This reminds me of an article that one of my classmates posted that, in short, said that people who are incompetent think that everyone else is incompetent and don't realize that they are incompetent. So it's pretty much impossible to judge someone incompetent because we might be incompetent but don't know it because we think we're fine. Confused???


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